Susan Rust, CEO

With her strong background in enterprise web development and marketing, Susan Rust leads the 4blooms team with a wide range of strategies and tactics related to operations, go-to-market planning, and digital marketing.

Throughout her career, Susan’s smarts, savvy and spirit have nurtured a team-oriented approach to brand development and messaging for her tech clients and colleagues.

Her focus has always been on people-based marketing through contact social media amplification, brand building, design, website design and build-out, as well as SEO/SEM.

Susan has served as Chief Marketing Officer for Benefunder, a philanthropy-based startup that specializes in connecting high-net-worth individuals and families with researchers innovating on medical and societal causes.

She’s recognized nationally as a trainer, speaker, and mentor in the Drupal open-source community. As a Business Consultant at Drupal Anywhere, Susan trademarked Client Wrangling and taught firms how to deliver successful projects. Her expertise includes web project rescues and operations specialists who help companies scale through process, accountability and leadership training.

Susan is a graduate of North Texas University with Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Art History.

“Visualize, Verbalize, Actualize: The secret to everything.”