Cannabis Packaging Director, Peter Schmid-Schoenbein

A talented creative with an extensive — and impressive — portfolio of clients in the cannabis industry and beyond, Peter is responsible for elevating and accelerating 4Bloom’s retail packaging efforts to meet the growing demand in our flourishing industry.

With more than 15 years of experience in design and branding, Peter has helped more than 30 companies sharpen their messages via web and print. He’s also applied his wide-ranging skill set to creative projects spanning from apparel design to television commercials. Peter prides himself in taking an intuitive approach to all of his artistic efforts. Notably, he has a knack for knowing when a logo should be more than just a company name in a fancy font, and when it should instead express something more meaningful about the business and its beliefs.

Peter’s passion for design first emerged during his high school years, when he began studying fine arts. He furthered his education in college, where he benefited from eye-opening insights into the unique characteristics of light and color composition. That’s also when he developed a feel for structure and form as well as an ability to appreciate art.

Peter earned Bachelor of Arts degree from UCSD with an emphasis in fine arts and graphic design. He’s also completed a graphic design certification program focused on the mastery of the complete Adobe Creative Suite. With a deep-rooted respect for the communication process, Peter begins every project by collaborating with clients to brainstorm creative solutions for their branding needs. And thanks to his firm grasp on the expenses associated with print and packaging, Peter is able to help clients slash their costs by using the minimum amount of materials to achieve the maximum impact.