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Cannabis Leases: 8 Tips to Protect Your Investment

The download covers several key cannabis legal issues like:

  • Effects of taxation laws on cannabis business opportunities
  • New industry risks and emerging factors
  • Protecting interests which conflict with the federal government
  • How a lease helps set a foundation for compliance with all laws

Every cannabis business needs the Smart Cannabis Addendum™. The proprietary addendum allows a prospective cannabis licensee to enter into a lease safely and legally. It also helps ensure that the terms and conditions of the lease do not violate licensing and taxation regulations.

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Legal Compliance Solutions for Dispensaries and CannaBusinesses That Work

At 4blooms, we focus on establishing your organization’s long-term ability to comply with cannabis laws. After all, what good is it for a business to perform well, only to be hampered by legal issues? Our cannabis consulting arm will take care of your legal needs and make sure your business is sustainable over the years.

Cannabis consultation is an absolutely critical aspect of success in this rapidly-changing legal environment. Our legal network will support your marketing campaign with legal research, document drafting and review, ongoing guidance, and whatever else is needed for compliance.

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Meet Our Legal Member

Richard Ivar Rydstrom

Richard Ivar Rydstrom

California Attorney at Law, J.D. Law, Bachelor of Science in Public Accounting, Civil, Business & Real Estate Litigation

Richard Rydstrom is an attorney and cannabis consultant with more than 26 years of experience in the legal industry. He has extensive experience representing business owners, consumers, homeowners, and mortgage institutions for both plaintiffs and defendants. He has the highest rating Superb (10 out of 10) on Avvo, the world’s largest lawyer rating directory.

Mr. Rydstrom is regarded as a national industry expert and thought-leader in civil litigation, asset protection, cannabis laws, and lease drafting. Because of his outstanding work in his field, Mr. Rydstrom has been quoted or published by: United States Congress, The Los Angeles Times, USA Today Magazine, AIR Commercial Real Estate, and other important sources. He is a frequent keynote speaker, panelist, and CLE instructor for lawyers, judges, banks, and business leaders.

Cannabis Legal Services and Consultation for Success

Mr. Rydstrom can help you with a wide range of complex legal subjects, such as:

  • California Recreational Cannabis Licensing for 2018 and beyond
  • Cannabis regulations specific to local counties
  • Tax and reporting rules for cannabis businesses
  • Seed-to-sale distribution chain issues
  • Commercial cannabis lease requirements and applications
  • Contract transactions and drafting for cannabis businesses
  • eCommerce law and its implications for the cannabis industry
  • Business governance protections for startups and existing businesses
  • Q&A for cannabis laws like the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA) and CA Prop. 64

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