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Our CBD Branding Workshop is an in-depth, fully customizable half-day to full-day workshop to help you uncover your company’s unique cannabis message and origin story. We guide you through a tailor-made, hands-on workshop to help discover and refine the message that best resonates with your target audience.

Case Study: Canna Pride

From food service to community service

Canna Pride is a LGBTQ women-owned, CBD product company. Their goal is to bring together their deep knowledge and joyful experience of the benefits of CBD products to the amazing LGBTQ community and the public at large. Having been employed in the service industry, they have an aptitude for hard work, but needed help marketing their new company. Their goal for the APEX CBD Branding Workshop was to clarify their message and expand their reach so they could share how CBD has changed their lives. As a result of the APEX workshop, Canna Pride now has an authentic and genuine message with a visual brand that appeals to their ideal customers.


Origin story + Branding

Canna Pride knows what they want to say; they just didn’t know the right way to say it.

Both co-founders, Tara and Kayla, personally use CBD to help manage symptoms, reduce use of pharmaceuticals and minimize dependencies. When Tara and Kayla fell in love and got married, they decided to move to California and pursue their dream of sharing CBD with others.

With the company direction and messaging clarified, we refreshed the logo, created their print collateral and trade show display.



Their old logo was fun and retro with the Pride rainbow colors, but it was more like a vintage head shop than the new CBD market they were entering in California. The final result is modern and symbolic while being directly attached to their story. A tilted square rests comfortably in a circle with the 7 colors of the spectrum creating a prism effect.

Trade Show Display

Your print materials and packaging for your products should create enthusiastic customers and brand ambassadors. For the Canna Pride logo we took their old-school sticker and gave it a more professional and appropriate look for the new market.


With the APEX origin story built in at the start, the rest of the campaign flows organically from you to your customers. The Canna Pride campaign includes:

  • APEX CBD Branding Cannabis Workshop
  • Branding
  • Content
  • Business Cards
  • Trade Show Display


“4Blooms’ guidance and experience made our launch more successful and we highly recommend their services.”

“As a brand new cannabis company, we didn’t have a big budget to launch our new company but we knew we needed help. We didn’t even know what help we needed! We found 4Blooms.Guru and felt they really understood cannabis start-ups and we hoped for the best.

Their APEX Branding Workshop helped us articulate our mission, our audience and helped inform our new logo which perfectly captures who we are as a brand. It’s a big relief to have our bios done and our origin story resonates with us AND our customers.

4Blooms’ guidance and experience made our launch more successful and we highly recommend their services for any cannabis company looking to grow their brand. We couldn’t be happier with their whole process.”

-Tara and Kayla, Co-Founders of Canna Pride

Cannapride CEO


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“Once I met Tara & Kayla I knew exactly how we wanted to express who they were through the logo, then everything else flowed organically from that frame of reference.” – Susan Rust, CEO, 4Blooms.Guru