Cannabis Brand Architecture

Our APEX Cannabis Branding Workshop is an in-depth, fully customized half-day to full day workshop designed to help uncover your company’s unique message and origin story. We guide you through a tailored, hands-on workshop to discover and refine the message that best resonates with your target audience.

Case Study: Black Rain

From a family remedy to national CBD wellness brand

Black Rain is an African-American-owned, Oakland-based, hemp-infused alkaline water company. They are an authentic brand who were focused on easing the suffering of their friends and family by applying the beneficial effects of their CBD hemp-infused water. When they came to us, their goal was to clarify their message and expand their reach so they could help more people feel better. Through the APEX Workshop process, this idea evolved into the Black Rain Warrior campaign. The campaign tells the true stories of people who were suffering from chronic pain, debilitating illness or everyday aches and pains that experienced positive results from Black Rain products. The goal is to give relief and comfort to as many people as possible by spreading awareness. From the APEX workshop, Black Rain now has a unique, authentic voice and a meaningful campaign to amplify their mission.


Origin story + Cannabis Branding

Black Rain knew who they were; they just needed some help in bringing it all together.

When Claude Allen, the founder of Black Rain, learned his aunt had been diagnosed with breast cancer he knew he had to help. After months of experimenting, Claude’s determination led him to develop the ideal formulation that helped his aunt recover. That’s when Claude decided it was the perfect time to share his curative concoction with the world, leading to the establishment of Black Rain.

With the company direction clarified, we refreshed the logo, launched a new ecommerce website and created the Black Rain Warrior campaign.

Website BeforeWebsite After



Your cannabis branding, the printed materials and packaging for your products, should create enthusiastic customers and brand ambassadors. While the typography on their previous logo was strong, the raindrop was overly elongated and not part of the logo/mark. With just a refresh we were able to create a distinctive and appealing element unifying the two.


After we refreshed their logo we revamped their packaging. Their Alkaline water is their premiere product. The solid label hid the contents so we created a clear label to let the water itself shine through.


With the APEX origin story baked in at the start, the rest of the campaign flows organically from you to your customers. The Black Rain campaign included:

  • APEX Branding Cannabis Workshop
  • Branding
  • Packaging
  • Content
  • Web Design / Development
  • Social Set Up


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“With Black Rain we had a client with a strong origin story and reason for being. This made our job easier. We listened and guided their great impulses until we surfaced the content that was just waiting for us.” – Susan Rust, CEO, 4Blooms.Guru