Hemp Brand Architecture

Our APEX Hemp Brand Workshop is an in-depth, fully customized half-day or full-day workshop designed to help you uncover your company’s unique message and origin story. We guide you through a tailored, hands-on workshop to help discover and refine the message that best resonates with your target audience.

Case Study: OKi Wellness

A new brand based on tradition

OKi Wellness is a family-owned, CBD-centric wellness company operating out of Fort Worth, Texas. Their goal is to share their belief that CBD can benefit families and individuals from all walks of life, providing generational hope, healing and happiness. As a result of the APEX workshop, the new brand’s message was clarified and the the unique and relevant name was created. On the Oki Islands of Japan, signs of hemp cultivation dated back to 8,000BC. The OKi Wellness name suits the new brand’s alignment, values and commitment to generational wellness.


Origin story + Branding

OKi Wellness was ready for their new mission to come to life.

The founding family maintains a holistic children’s learning center where they help their families to see growth and change through alternative, natural, yet effective child developmental solutions. As they fielded more and more questions about CBD from their learning center families, OKi Wellness was a natural next step in the evolution of their services. 

With the new company’s messaging clarified, we created the name, logo and mood board to establish the tone, look and feel of the new brand.

Hemp Branding Products


Name, Logo, Logo Type and Website Design

The printed materials and packaging for your products should create enthusiastic customers and brand ambassadors. For OKi Wellness, we created their logo, logotype, website design and packaging to bring all of the elements together to reflect their mission. From completion of their APEX Hemp Branding Workshop, Oki Wellness was committed to a creative conversation, sending us their crayon-colored brand explorations and creating a sense of playful exploration and trust. We curated the impulses and built a mood board reflecting the synthesis.

OKi- Wellness Logo
Oki Wellness Products

Creating a new brand from clean slate means that all the downstream elements including logo, logotype, website and packing for tinctures, balms, capsules have to be accounted for. The visual design problem came down to finding a balance between being family-friendly, effective and beautiful.

hemp product branding example


With the APEX origin story baked in at the start, the rest of the campaign flows organically from you to your customers. The OKi Wellness campaign included:

  • APEX Branding Cannabis Workshop
  • Branding
  • Packaging
  • Content
  • Web Design / Development
  • Social Set Up


“We couldn’t be happier with the experience and recommend them for others launching a cannabis company.”

“As a brand new start-up in the CBD/Hemp space, we knew we needed help launching a new company. We found 4Blooms.Guru easy and effective to work with. Their entire team is communicative, responsive and walked us through the process of building our new brand: branding, brand strategy, messaging, content, web design/development and packaging. Within 90 days we were up and running with our online store. We couldn’t be happier with the experience and recommend them for others launching a cannabis company.

-Taylor Barrett, Co-Founder of OKi Wellness


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“In OKi Wellness, we have a client who are longtime locals of North Texas and a family-owned business. They are dedicated to health and wellness through CBD products that can be safely used across generations. During the APEX process they were open to any changes that would improve the brand up to and including creating the name OKi Wellness. We wanted a name that tied the past to present and the opportunity to share the history of hemp echoing their generational wellness ethos.” – Susan Rust, CEO, 4Blooms.Guru