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Instagram is time-consuming and we know you have a business to run! Let our specialists help you grow your brand.

Do I Need an Instagram for Cannabis Businesses?

Do you need to grow your brand awareness in the cannabis market? Then Yes! Instagram for cannabis is essential. While owned by Facebook, it’s the most forgiving of the two platforms for cannabrands. Here are some tips to rock your Instagram account for cannabis companies:

  1. Have a great name that’s memorable
  2. Avoid if possible the terms weed, marijuana and cannabis
  3. Have a logo without a marijuana leaf if possible
  4. Don’t promote the sale of flower products
  5. Use your profile link wisely
  6. Make it personal
  7. Optimize your profile
  8. Promote others, it’s still good social media manners
  9. Credit other people if you use their images, snark
  10. Create original content
  11. Be funny, if that’s you
  12. Interact with your audience
  13. Follow others
  14. Share “stories” not just pics
  15. Have a theme
  16. Post regularly, 8 to 10 times a week if possible
  17. Give it time

It’s a great avenue AND be prepared to have your account taken down. Technically, it’s against their terms of service. Although Instagram takes time, it’s fun and a creative way to engage and build a fan base.