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Areas in San Diego County and Riverside County will Open Up to Commercial Marijuana

Despite the state-wide legalization of recreational marijuana, there are many areas of Southern California where commercial marijuana operations still aren’t readily available. Fortunately, thanks to thousands of vocal voters this past November, more commercial marijuana programs are on track to debut in 2019. If you’ve been wondering when cannabis will be available throughout more areas of San Diego and Riverside counties, here’s what you have to look forward to.

Commercial Marijuana Developments in Chula Vista

The citizens of Chula Vista overwhelmingly voted in favor of the city’s new marijuana business tax measure, also known as Measure Q, paving the way for a new commercial cannabis ordinance. Under this new ordinance, the city will permit the licensed sale, testing, cultivation, distribution, and manufacturing of cannabis products in Chula Vista. Approved enterprises will be required to pay a business license tax ranging from 5-15 percent of gross receipts, as well as $5-$25 per square foot used for cannabis cultivation.

Measure Q states that there may be a maximum of eight dispensaries in Chula Vista, with the possibility for four additional delivery services. (Proprietors of enterprises that are currently operating illegally in Chula Vista will not be eligible to apply.) The new commercial marijuana ordinance also allows for the following types and number of licenses:

  • Retailers: A maximum of three retailer licenses will be approved per council district. Up to two of those licenses can be for publicly accessible storefront retailers, which will be restricted from operating a delivery service. Likewise, delivery services would be prohibited from conducting on-site sales.
  • Cultivation: Up to 10 indoor cultivation licenses city-wide. Indoor cultivation sites are limited to twenty thousand 20,000 square feet.
  • Distribution, Manufacturing, and Testing Laboratories: There are no restrictions regarding the number of licenses.
  • Delivery: According to state law, all cannabis delivery businesses are required to have both a state license and local authorization. Chula Vista’s current municipal code permits the delivery of cannabis-related products, but only if the delivery service is licensed by a jurisdiction outside of Chula Vista. The city’s new commercial marijuana ordinance would permit up to eight additional delivery businesses.  (Interested in applying for one of these eight spots? A forum regarding the application process — as well as other issues surrounding the sale, cultivation, and delivery of cannabis in Chula Vista — will be held at Chula Vista City Hall on December 13 from 4 to 6 p.m. The city will begin accepting applications in early 2019.)
Commercial Marijuana Developments in Chula Vista

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Commercial Cannabis in Unincorporated Riverside County

The Riverside County Planning Department will begin accepting applications for commercial cannabis testing, manufacturing, distribution, and wholesale nurseries on Wednesday, December 26th.

At this time, the Planning Department will not be accepting applications for the cultivation or retail sale of cannabis, however, Riverside County has approved a plan to institute a process to evaluate proposals from interested parties. More details should be available in early 2019.

Commercial Marijuana Developments in Riverside County

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