The cannabis industry, as new as it is, has one shortcoming — many businesses don’t maintain a cannabis blog. On the one hand, this isn’t much of a surprise — there’re many newcomers to the game, and many focus on various web and social media channels. Yet, a cannabis blog on your company’s website carries advantages and benefits, ranging from technical cannabis SEO improvements to increased traffic and brand awareness.

Here are some reasons why we strongly recommend that you maintain a cannabis blog for your dispensary or cannabis business:

1. A Dedicated Cannabis Blog Speaks to Your Readers Differently Than Other Channels

Cannabis innovators are always creating new and exciting opportunities, whether they’re new products, new strains, or even a new storefront location. We see a lot of these developments through social media, where dispensaries and other cannabis businesses are highly active.

However, what Facebook and Instagram posts don’t offer is an opportunity for background and context. Your cannabis marketing channel needs space to elaborate on what your company is up to. The format of social media (especially Twitter) doesn’t really provide you with that needed space. While viewer interactions are important, they’re not the end-all, especially when it comes to cannabis marketing.

Here’s where cannabis blogging comes in. A blog provides a space where you can offer extra information, detailed updates, and additional content. For instance, you can feature company news, the latest research, or provide an in-depth review of a new product you’re carrying — and you’ll have well over 280 characters to tell your story.

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2. Blogging is an Excellent Way to Improve Cannabis SEO

Cannabis SEO is essential for dispensaries, since paid advertising and other promotional efforts may be restricted due to federal regulations. Blogging is an excellent way to improve cannabis SEO. This means that more leads come in organically rather than through paid efforts.

Think about it — the best cannabis blogs integrate the latest developments in the cannabis industry. Blogs provide fresh keywords and updates to the website in ways that aren’t accomplished in a Home page or in another page (since other pages don’t often get refreshed as much as the blog section).

More SEO benefits of cannabis blogging include:

  • Having new content (which helps with Google ranking algorithms)
  • Creating more links to the website if the content is shared
  • Allowing for a target of specific keywords and phrases
  • Creating more opportunities for internal linking
  • Assisting in capturing more business opportunities due to increased traffic

3. Blogging Allows You to Show Your True Passion

We all know that the cannabis industry offers a  highly creative and competitive space — and we have no doubt that you put every ounce of your passion into your work. But what about those who haven’t interacted with you yet or who are still researching online for options? A cannabis blog will probably be the best way to reach your online customers and speak heart-to-heart with them.

Apart from metrics and SEO performance, cannabis aficionados will remember your brand if you provide them with a blog article that speaks to their interests.

Aim to attract not only just customers, but customers who will be loyal and will support your organization’s cause and goals.

So…Is Your Business Blogging Like it Should be?

The drawback to maintaining a cannabis blog is just that — maintaining it. Blogs can be somewhat time-consuming and tedious. A lot of the cannabis businesses we’ve seen started off eagerly with a blog, but later let it fall to the wayside. When this happens, cannabis businesses can lose traffic and sometime lose customers who are regular readers.

Don’t let these missed opportunities happen to you!

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