Like any consumer-driven industry, success in the cannabis industry is dependent on being aware of what consumers demand and delivering on that. Today’s cannabis customers are both health-conscious and environmentally- conscious. Unlike some other industries, they don’t buy products based on price or reputation alone.

As self-educated and socially-aware individuals, today’s cannabis buyer is capable of conducting product research and taking other elements into consideration when deciding on a cannabis brand.

According to Forbes, the cannabis industry itself is predicted to be worth $20 billion this year. And this is good news until you consider that each unit is sold at approximately $20, which is a minimum of one billion units of plastic waste per year.

And it’s no secret that the biggest source of cannabis waste comes from vaporizer (vape) products, which must meet the regulations that many states impose, such as packaging each product in transparent, child-resistant plastic. When it comes to cannabis packaging, many companies have been struggling with this dilemma, as it contradicts much of what the industry and its customers’ value.

Finding a way to meet strict state packaging regulations without contributing considerably to local waste issues is challenging, but not impossible. Despite state regulations, you can build a brand that reflects your consumers’ values and your own by providing a recycling program.

Read on to learn why offering a recycling program can create a purpose-driven brand that attracts and retains loyal customers who will improve your sales and the health of the planet!

A recycling program demonstrates commitment

Offering a recycling program is a service that demonstrates your commitment to an important cause that will resonate with potential customers. If your customers can’t or don’t recycle through their town, provide them other options for recycling.

Sustainability programs through companies like Loop will help brands that partner with them by setting up a pick-up service. Customers can easily place your brand’s used products back into the Loop Tote and schedule a free pick-up from their home.

Since this saves your customer from the guilt of trashing plastic waste or the hassle of hauling it off to be recycled, it communicates that your brand respects their time and supports their principles.

Discounts are a tried and true approach to generating repeat business. So, give consumers an incentive like discounts off future purchases for participating in the recycling program.

A recycling program instills brand loyalty

Until there are more sustainable packaging options, a recycling program is about protecting the planet while contributing to the success of your brand. In the case of existing customers, providing a recycling program will instill further brand loyalty.

Having a recycling program in place can strengthen your reputation with those consumers, so look into teaming up with a sustainability platform, which works with affiliated brands whose customers want to be proactive about keeping trash out of landfills.

Cannabis businesses have a genuine opportunity to make a difference for the environment, as well as in the eyes of consumers who consistently purchase products from brands that they trust. You can become one of those brands by choosing upgraded reusable packaging for your products.

 A recycling program will improve sales

A recycling program can even put a positive spin on your branding effort as a company with sustainable habits. Work with your marketing department on calling attention to your brand’s recycling program on your website, on social media, in press releases, and on the product’s actual label.

Don’t forget to include your own employees in this initiative by creating an internal recycling program if you don’t already have one. While this may not directly impact sales, it will improve the morale of your staff. Research shows that when employees are proud of the company they work for, that shines through to every customer they help.

As employees and consumers observe your company’s eco-friendly practices and products, it will create confidence in your brand and improve sales.

 The bottom line

According to several surveys across the globe, cannabis consumers have stated that they prefer to invest in brands whose values align with their own and support their lifestyle – a lifestyle that is sustainable and eco-conscious. If your company does not recycle, you are throwing money away by losing customers to the competitors that do.

By using recyclable packaging for products, and helping consumers recycle that plastic again, you’ll minimize your company’s carbon footprint and develop brand loyalists in the process.

Being environmentally aware and living a sustainable lifestyle is important to cannabis consumers, and to your brand’s reputation and sales. Your brand really can adhere to state packaging regulations while demonstrating environmental responsibility, one recycled vape pen at a time.

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