Branding vs. Marketing

People often confuse branding and marketing or even think that they’re the same thing. While branding and marketing are similar, there are multiple differences between the two. Business owners can miss out on projects and profits if they don’t have a firm understanding of how each strategy works and how they can benefit their business.

What is Branding?

Branding is essentially the definition of who you are as a company or the expression of the company’s personality. It remains consistent and helps answer key questions, such as your mission, core principles, and values. You likely know of products that people buy because they think being associated with that brand will show others that they are classy or socially conscious. Branding not only draws in loyal customers, but it’s also the thing that attracts employees, investors, and other partners.

Branding also helps showcase what makes you unique and what you offer to your target audience. Additionally, a good brand helps establish authenticity for the company and pulls people in. It’s your promise.

In creating a brand, it’s important to work through the company’s style and culture and what you want people to think of and feel when they hear of your business. For example, if you’re trying to build a brand around sustainability then your products need to speak this value to your customers. One way to do this would be to use sustainable packaging as a way to prove to your consumers that this is a value you’re committed to. Branding is key to defining what your business stands for and what people can expect from you.

What is Marketing?

Marketing is how you talk about and build awareness of your brand, as well as how you actively promote the company’s services or products. It’s wide ranging and can change depending on your current product offering, the season, the year, and which audience you’re trying to target. Marketing comes in various forms, it can evoke a range of emotions, and it’s a tool that can use several different kinds of online and offline methods, tactics, and strategies, such as:

  • Television
  • Social media
  • Radio
  • Search engine optimization, or SEO
  • Pay-per-click
  • Print
  • Mobile marketing

What’s the Difference and Why Are They Both Important?

Branding establishes who you are as a company, whereas marketing is how you tell people about the company and attract new business. Marketing is built upon the foundation established by the brand. Branding is what you and your colleagues live and breathe each day within your company. It underlies how you interact with customers and how you do business on a daily basis. If you’re not quite sure what your brand is yet, a great place to start is with our Apex Branding Workshop.

While branding generally stays the same across a company’s life, marketing changes and adapts to current trends and needs. Since marketing isn’t as foundational or constant, it might be outsourced to an agency or other marketing professionals.

Although marketing helps build awareness among new and potential customers, branding is what drives conversions, changing potential customers into regular clients. While someone might shop at a company once because of a clever marketing campaign, a solid brand is what builds loyalty and keeps customers coming back. A brand helps customers trust, follow, and connect with a company.

A solid brand is the differentiator between your business and every other company trying to sell the same products or services. If marketing isn’t grounded on a consistent brand, it’s difficult for customers to understand what the company truly stands for and trust that they will do what they promise.

What Do Marketing and Branding Have in Common?

A significant similarity between branding and marketing is the visual representation of the company, whether this is the company font, logo, or colors. People often buy things because they identify with a certain brand’s character or want to be associated with what that company stands for.

Think of popular fast food restaurant chains, big box retailers, or athletic apparel companies that you know. You can probably see their logo or colors in your mind without even seeing the company name. These are important parts of branding, but they are also used in marketing because effective campaigns build on what customers know and think about the company because of its brand.

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