It’s the highlight of every cannabis marketing agency when a brand architect and strategist joins its team. Sarah Kruse is an inveterate research director with well-over 20 years earned at corporations including BBDO, Leo Burnett, Marlboro, Michelob, and Subaru to name a few. Sarah brings her expertise straight into 4Blooms, San Diego’s full-service marketing agency dedicated to helping cannabusinesses blossom.

“4blooms is on the cutting edge of a revolution,” says Kruse. “Our culture’s perceptions of cannabis are evolving, and there is now an appreciation of how it can help people improve their overall well being.”

Kruse has an incredible knack for uncovering applicable insights in market research, and 4Blooms’ founder couldn’t be more thrilled to have such a talented strategist onboard.

“We’re delighted to have such an accomplished strategy architect, who understands restricted products, joining our ranks.” says Susan Rust, 4Blooms’ founder and CEO. “Sarah’s experience in national brand strategy will help many of our young, thriving brands grow quickly and securely in this new frontier.”

The cannabis landscape differs from most other commercial realms insofar as federal regulations severely restrict the ways cannabusinesses can market themselves to customers. Kruse, however, is not deterred by this continual challenge.

“As a marketer, I thrive working in regulated industries,” says Kruse. “I love the discipline of working within strict boundaries to hit the bullseye.”

4Blooms has a green thumb when it comes to cultivating intelligent cannabis brands that stand out from the crowd. In Kruse’s new role with our agency, she’ll be responsible for shaping the way businesses market themselves in this exciting new industry. We’re excited to have her on board!

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Sarah Kruse