Unexpected cannabis markets are blooming left and right as more states legalize medicinal and recreational use. Whether you’re an established marijuana business or a pioneer ready to explore this new world, what you do right now to attract new customers and grow your brand will determine your future of your marijuana business.

If you want to grow into a national brand and attract investors, hiring a marketing agency can open up a whole new world of cannabis business opportunities. The right marijuana marketing agency will help your business blossom.

Here are five reasons to hire a marijuana marketing firm:

1. Beat The Competition – The Race Is On For Marijuana Businesses!

Eight states and Washington, D.C. have already voted to legalize recreational marijuana, and at least three more states are considering it in the immediate future.

As the wave of legalization continues through the country, the number of cannabis business opportunities is going to explode. If you want your cannabis business to top organic search results, paid channels, and social media, the time to act is now.

It takes time to reach the front page of Google, or to grow a social media audience to bring in more business. The longer you wait to act, the easier it is for your competition to steal your customers.

4Blooms will make sure you get seen, get found, and grow sales — before your competition does.

2. Save Time By Outsourcing Marijuana Marketing

A full-scale cannabis marketing campaign takes time to execute. You have to remember to post on a number of social media platforms, craft regular blog posts, monitor your competition, and about a million other things. And that doesn’t even begin to cover strategy pivots.

When you’re focused on growing your cannabis business, it’s easy for these repetitive — but critical — tasks to fall to the wayside. And once your momentum slows, it becomes increasingly difficult to regain it.

That’s where your marijuana marketing team steps in. Here are a few things to consider as you craft your strategy:

  • What’s your monthly budget?
  • What are your competitors doing?
  • How will you reach your target audience?
  • Design and branding
  • Web and technology

We’ll take care of your cannabis marketing strategy, execution, and analysis. All you have to do is spend your time doing what you do best: Running your marijuana business.

3. Get A Whole Cannabis Marketing Team

Hiring an internal cannabis marketing team can is definitely expensive and time-consuming. You’ll need a master of organic and local SEO, a social media guru, a top-notch writer, an amazing web designer — we could go on.

It’s possible you’ll get really lucky and find a unicorn who is amazing at all of those things and more. But if you don’t have time to search for that one amazing person, you could hire a marketing agency.

A cannabis marketing agency gives you access to experts in search, social media, content, website design, and more for one monthly cost.

With 4Blooms, you’ll have access to all the firepower of a large team with an even bigger variety of skills, 20+ tools, the latest research, and relentless A/B testing. Our team has spent more than 16,000 hours working together crafting strategies and running campaigns. We’d love to hear more about your business, and how we can work together. Connect with us and say hello!

4. Stay Compliant With The Rules And Regulations Of Cannabis Marketing

Even as more states make recreational marijuana legal, the rules surrounding marijuana marketing can be complicated. Can I advertise cannabis products on social media? How can I make sure my product is reaching the proper audience?

The right marijuana marketing partner knows the rules around when, where, and how cannabis businesses can advertise their products. Don’t spend hours trying to track down this information to craft a marketing plan — work with someone who’s already done their research.

5. Maximize Your Budget And Grow Your Cannabis Business Opportunities

Don’t waste your time on trial and error. A skilled marketing agency knows what approaches work, which ones don’t, and how to measure success.

The right marijuana marketing strategy will help you reach your target audience and persuade them to convert. Here’s how 4Blooms can grow your cannabis business opportunities and get more sales now::

  • Define and reach your target audience
  • Choose the proper channels
  • Develop a messaging strategy and voice
  • Get found in search engines
  • Build an active and engaged social media fanbase
  • Convert website visitors into sales

Skimping on marketing efforts costs more time and money in the long-run. Do it right the first time.

4Blooms is the perfect marketing agency for your established marijuana business, or a start-up cannabis venture.

We have marketing expertise at many levels, ranging from solopreneurs to established firms. Together, we can hit the ground running to bring in new customers right away. Tell us about your project, pick the perfect campaign, and let’s get to work!