What is it that brings a customer back to a particular cannabis brand time and time again? And what causes people to refer that storefront, delivery service, or online company to friends and family members? In most cases, it’s how cannabis brand design increases a customer’s affinity for that product or service.

Similar to any other industry, a cannabis company’s brand awareness is critical to attracting a solid, steady stream of customers. And if executed properly, a cannabis brand design campaign can help your cannabusiness stand out from the competition and become more memorable in your customers’ minds. So how do you inspire brand loyalty with your marketing campaigns? And what can you do to improve your business’s brand visibility?

Here are four tips to help your cannabis brand design and strategy shine above the rest:

1. Brand Awareness Involves More Than Your Logo

While your logo is supremely important, it’s not the only part of your branding. Your company’s brand also includes intangibles such as your reputation, word-of-mouth, and online reviews. It is what people see and feel when they hear your business’s name. Potential customers should have a feeling of trust, consistency, and reliability when they hear your business’s name or see your company’s logo.

Thus, when promoting your cannabis brand online, be sure to highlight your business’s recent activity and mention any positive press or accolades you’ve received. Any content or headlines you promote should give your audience a better understanding of your brand’s identity.

Example: Lucky Box Club does a great job of carrying their look through their products, packaging and website.

Cannabis Branding Example

2. Pay Attention to the Details

That being said, your company’s logo and appearance online are still of supreme importance. You’ll want to make sure that your website, logo, and overall cannabis brand design are sleek and professional. Two main blunders can occur here: First, make sure your logo doesn’t use any graphics or images that look cheesy or cliche. For instance, in the cannabis industry, this translates to rasta colors and marijuana leaves. While these are perfectly acceptable for some businesses, make sure the images you choose don’t look like something from a 20-year-old issue of High Times.

Second, the colors you choose for your company send very specific messages to your potential clients. Colors like dark blue and yellow can convey the idea that your company is intelligent and academically grounded. On the other hand, flashy colors like orange or purple can give the impression that your business is juvenile and inexperienced. Complementary colors black and white can help convey a joining of ideas, such as the fusing of art and science, a huge theme right now in the cannabis industry.

Example: Altia chose an elegant and classy brand to represent their artisanal edibles.

cannabis brand

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3. Visibility is Key to Promoting Your Brand

Getting your company’s visual appearance down is only the first step; from there, you’ll need to make sure your brand becomes visible online and that potential customers can find you. After all, what good is having a beautiful logo and website if your company can’t be found online?

In this regard, you’ll want to utilize as many channels as you can to promote your brand. You can promote through channels including:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Press release websites
  • Various other platforms

(Also, make sure that all of your promotion is being done within the confines of legal ethics, cannabis compliance, and advertising laws.)

Pro Tip: It’s Not Only Written Content that Promotes Your Brand

Photos and videos can provide a humanizing element that will help to put a face on your company. Consumers of cannabis love seeing businesses in this industry participate in community events such as fundraisers and charity promotions — they like knowing that companies are giving back to their communities. Be sure to include these in your dedicated cannabis blog, social media posts, and other areas where your content exists online.

cannabis branding

4. Successful Cannabis Brands Aren’t Built Overnight

Lastly, you need to understand that successful cannabis brands don’t simply materialize overnight. As mentioned, your company’s brand is really based on reputation and credibility within the industry, which are in turn based on hard work and dedication. On the other hand, online branding campaigns can bring additional success to your company and can increase your visibility and prominence. It takes strategy, planning, and constant monitoring for long-term success, but a strong, memorable brand will be one of your cannabis company’s greatest assets for growth.

Investing in strong cannabis branding right now will translate into significant gains as time goes on. In the past, traditional advertising in the Yellow Pages or on television was somewhat costly. Now, online visibility platforms are much more affordable and effective in allowing cannabis companies to be seen.

A Strong Brand is Just The Beginning

Cannabis brand design strategies can benefit from the assistance and oversight of marketing professionals. Contact us today and let us help you create a brand that clients will recognize and trust over the years.