Last month 4Blooms.Guru hosted another Cannabis Meetup at Nest CoWork. The topic was “Cannabis Branding & Hyperlocal Marketing 101”. Our work in the cannabis industry has shown us how important it is to have a strong cannabis brand, and also how important it is to master your own hyperlocal territory.

Hyperlocal marketing addresses questions like, “What does it look like when I walk outside of my business? What do I see? What people and businesses are around me?” Mastering these questions is the first step to developing your business as a resource and positive fixture in your local community.

We once again featured our much-loved “speed marketing” format — we had a series of tables set up where attendees rotate through for 20 minutes at time and learn some key insider tips while getting their questions answered.

Cannabis Branding & Hyperlocal Marketing 101 Takeways:

Cannabis Brand Architecture

with Sarah

Attendees learned the fundamentals of cannabis branding with our experienced brand architect, Sarah Kruse. What makes products like Nike and Apple successful is not just their products, but their brand missions and what their companies stand for. Some cannabis brand tips we shared included:

  • What it takes to build a strong cannabis brand
  • Shaping the right path for your cannabusiness based on your mission
  • Going deeper than products to emphasize why you make your products

Cannabis Packaging Design & Compliance

with Peter & Noah

In the cannabis industry, packaging design can make or break a product, and compliance is entirely necessary for long-term success. Our packaging design & compliance experts Peter & Noah guided our discussions important topics like:

  • Cannabis packaging trends: colors and concepts to stay away from
  • Sticker regulations & product info presentation
  • The importance of cannabis packaging compliance

Hyperlocal Marketing on Social Media

with Brittany & Jose

Promoting your products and services through online social media outlets can be challenging. However, some social media channels allow you to promote your business in a hyperlocal way, taking into account the demographics in your immediate geographic area. Topics discussed included:

  • Using statistical and geographical tools to map your target audience
  • Leveraging existing customer data to create the ideal buyer persona
  • Understanding the limitations and advantages of each social media channel

Cannabis SEO, Online Directories, & Optimized Content

with Kenny & Ryan

Our SEO gurus Kenny and Ryan discussed the ins and outs of cannabis SEO, with a special focus on local targeting. Proper web optimization is necessary for supporting consistent web traffic. More topics of discussion included:

  • The importance of localized keyword searches in a hyperlocal marketing campaign
  • Options for creating localized content (local cannabis blog content, things to do, etc.)
  • Hyperlocal on-page and off-page cannabis SEO techniques

Email Hyperlocal Marketing Strategies

with Christina

Our resident email marketing expert Christina walked the groups through tailored email hyperlocal marketing strategies for cannabis businesses. Email is still the single most effective way to reach out to customers and to nurture existing leads to create loyal clients. Takeaways included:

  • How frequent email campaigns should be (monthly, weekly, newsletters, etc.)
  • CRM marketing tools to manage email collection and call tracking
  • How to segment your email campaigns for success

Web Design, Landing Pages, and Conversion Opportunities

with Carey

Web expert Carey led us through some of the fundamentals of web design and conversion rate optimization. Cannabis websites should grab a person’s attention, keep it, and guide them through the sales funnel up to conversion. Tips and insights included:

  • How to use landing pages to maximize cannabis lead generation
  • How to “humanize” your company through a powerful web user experience
  • Incorporating tailored calls-to-action for every stage of the Buyer’s Journey

Attendee Questions:

Participants also had a broad range of questions on cannabis marketing in general. These were thought-provoking and helped provide additional points of discussion. Questions from attendees included:

  • How many times a week should I be blogging?
  • How can I increase brand loyalty?
  • What should I do if my social media account was regulated or shut down?
  • Which channels and directories are best for promoting my technical cannabis company?
  • Should I consider expanding my business out-of-state?
  • How do bring my awesome new product I’m developing to market?

Do You Have Cannabis Marketing Questions?

Looking for answers? Keep a lookout for our upcoming meetups and events. Or, reach out to us with your questions and inquiries. If you’re looking for a tailored hyperlocal marketing campaign for your cannabis company, get in touch with us now to get started.

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