Many cannabis businesses see the value of marketing, but never act upon their needs because they don’t know how to choose the right agency. Especially in a sector as demanding the cannabis industry, it can be tough to tell which agencies can meet your needs.

However, working with a cannabis marketing agency is the quickest way to improve online visibility and increase revenue. The following are some important questions to ask when weighing which cannabis marketing agency to work with:

1. Complete Package

Is the Cannabis Marketing Agency a Complete Package?

For in-depth, ongoing cannabis marketing campaigns, it’s best to hire one single marketing agency to handle all of your projects. This includes aspects such as creating ads, generating customer leads, managing company website search engine optimization (cannabis SEO), and much more.

Working with one agency allows your marketing campaigns to be guided by an overarching strategy — campaigns will be in sync with one another rather than disjointed. Why scout out three or four different cannabis marketing agencies that can only handle one piece of the puzzle, when you can hire one agency that covers it all?

You need a cannabis marketing agency that has a diverse array of strengths and skill sets, and has a proven record of delivering results. Make sure each campaign is customized for your specific needs, and that you have a strategy in place from the get-go.

You need a cannabis marketing agency that can handle your campaigns from start to finish. We have the firepower and experience to manage every aspect of your campaign, and are constantly monitoring our results to maximize your returns. Get Started >

2. Experience

Does the Marketing Agency Have Experience Working with a Wide Range of Cannabis Businesses?

Another important benchmark to examine in a cannabis marketing company is the amount of experience they have working with cannabis businesses. From insurance, to regulation issues and customer relationship management (CRM), cannabis business have very diverse and distinct needs. If a cannabis marketing agency has broad exposure in the green industry, they will have a much more in-depth understanding of their client’s needs.

Experience in the industry is key — instead of wasting your time explaining industry standards to your marketing company, you can focus on creating strategies together and capturing leads. Your cannabis marketing agency should be able to provide insider tips and industry standards for you, not the other way around.

We have the industry experience that allows us to customize your campaign based on what’s proven to be effective. We have worked with cannabis businesses ranging from major dispensaries to delivery services to online retail distributors.  Get Started >

3. Communication

Is the Agency a Prompt and Consistent Communicator?

A professional, high-performance marketing agency should stay communicative during the course of the campaign. As business owners and operators, you understand how important it is to be engaged with your own clients. Why expect anything less from your marketing team?

Your cannabis marketing company should be able to provide you with a roadmap of where you’re going, and should have their strategy mapped out from start to finish. You should also receive regular metrics updates on your campaigns, and you should stay informed whenever there are any adjustments or pivots. Lack of communication is how potential customers (and profits) slip through the cracks.

Lack of communication is how potential customers (and profits) slip through the cracks. Don’t waste your time on delays while you lose valuable client leads. We understand how important it is to communicate clearly and effectively. Get Started >

4. Goals

What Are Your Own Cannabis Marketing Goals?

Lastly, as you finalize your decision in choosing a particular cannabis marketing agency, you need to make sure that your own business goals and aims are perfectly clear. This will make it much easier to assess which agencies can best meet your needs. Consider questions like:

  • Are you looking to find new clients through cannabis lead generation?
  • Do you want to build your company’s reputation as cannabis industry thought leaders?
  • Do you have a budget mapped out for advertising, print, and other channels?
  • What is your time frame that you can devote to a custom targeted marketing campaign?

We create cannabis marketing campaigns that are specifically tailored to your company’s unique aims and strengths. We allow you to focus your time and resources on the marketing campaigns that you truly need for success. Get Started >

We’ll handle the heavy lifting for you!

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