Even though THC-based products and CBD-based products generally derive from the same plant, they are truly different products. For this reason, they must also be marketed differently. CBD packaging should reflect the various applications and uses it is associated with. Also, CBD is often marketed to different buyer personas; thus, the packaging, logo, and branding should all be directed to the specific target audience. 

The following are some CBD packaging trends that we’ve observed, which can help you market your product in a more directed and accurate way. 

CBD Packaging Trends: Strive for a Fresh, Clean Look 

Many successful CBD products are packaged in ways that are clean, fresh, and happy-looking. White, pastels, and brighter colors and hues are very popular. They often symbolize a “fresh start” (like springtime), which is what many consumers are looking to achieve in their CBD products — a turnaround, or a new beginning. Darker colors like black and brown might work for some audiences, but in our opinion, they don’t really capture the optimistic and hopeful feelings connected with the CBD movement.

Tip: Think deeply about which group you are marketing to. In the CBD industry, a majority of customers often fit a very specific profile, that often includes health-oriented goals, and clean living. Incorporate this into your messaging, packaging, and branding.  

Develop a Scientific Aesthetic

CBD still has a strong medical lean/component to it. Its history is steeped in medical applications, and many people are repeat buyers because it supported by solid research and development. One avenue for powerful CBD marketing is to emphasize the scientific, medical, and even technological advances that go into CBD products. This should be celebrated, as it is one of the ways that the stigma associated with cannabis will be eradicated. 

For instance, many CBD brands incorporate “science-y” themes into their packaging, such as chemical symbols, cell structures, hexagons (very popular for invoking a chemistry feel), and other familiar symbols. 

Of course, you don’t want your product to look too clinical; avoid hospital-looking fonts and plain packaging consisting of only black and white images. Be sure to fuse attractive art with your science, to ensure that your products are memorable and that your brand shines above the competition

CBD Packaging Tip: Focus on Life

One trend that we’ve noticed is that many CBD packages often highlight, in somewhat subtle ways, a very deep and profound idea: life. CBD has deep roots in connection with healing, particularly with regard to cancer, epilepsy, and other major medical conditions. 

A great way to highlight the fundamental idea of life in your CBD packaging is to include images of that are deeply rooted in our subconscious as pointing to life, such as:

  • Vegetation
  • Fruits
  • Sunlight
  • Water
  • People
  • Flowers
  • Budding plants

We’ve even seen images of tropical forests and rainbows that achieve a similar effect. Focusing on these types of themes and motifs can enhance your marketing strategies by tapping into our primal recognition of life and sources of life.  

Maybe you have a strong product, but are looking for better ways to package and market it. Do you need help with your CBD packaging? Contact us today at 4Blooms for packaging and marketing strategies to help your company grow.

Color Choices are Important for CBD Packaging

Choice of colors: Green still dominates most CBD packaging trends. Perhaps even more than THC products, which can often be associated with other colors, such as purple for indica and red for sativa, and lighter green for hybrid strains. At this point in the game, many consumers are already tuned to associate the color green with the health aspects of cannabis.

Teals and lighter blues are also a nice, soft color to present your product in. As mentioned above, darker colors like black and brown might work, but they can be a risky choice for CBD products. 

Word Choices are Equally as Important for CBD 

Choice of words: Paint a picture with your word choices. Some words can contain an entire story within them, such as the word “redemption”. You want to include similarly powerful words on your packaging, and if you’re still coming up with a logo or catchphrase, include it in there. Some nice words to include in CBD packaging, branding, logos, and messaging include: 

  • Pure
  • Clean
  • Nature or Nature’s
  • Bio
  • Life or Living
  • Innovation
  • Miracle
  • Health or Healing

Final Notes: Stay Compliant with Your CBD Packaging

As a final note, stay legal. Make sure you are staying compliant with cannabis packaging requirements. While this is a given and shouldn’t need to be said, it’s better to play it safe than sorry. Check up on your state’s cannabis laws (they often change rapidly), or consult with a cannabis attorney to make sure your packaging is compliant. 

Lastly, if your company has won any awards, or has earned any certifications and seals, be sure to showcase this in your packaging. Include any information about your product that indicates if it’s organic, locally grown, or other information that CBD consumers are often looking for.

Team Up with a Professional CBD Packaging Agency

There are many ways you can improve your packaging to help bring in more customers who stay loyal to your brand. CBD packaging is both an art and a science, and can be complex. If you need help with your marketing strategy and packaging strategy, get in touch with us at 4Blooms. Our team can help you get on the right track to present your product in ways that are attention-capturing and meaningful.