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Editor’s Picks: Top 2019 Cannabis Events to Attend

2019-02-06T13:14:52+00:00January 29th, 2019|Cannabis Industry News|

At 4Blooms.Guru, one of our ongoing missions is to be a clear voice for cannabis activism, progress, and promotion of the industry. As cannabis marketers, we know that under the current regulatory schemes, it can be tough to promote the cannabis cause using traditional methods. What we’ve found as San Diego’s first cannabis marketing

2018 Cannabis Industry News Recap: Big Year for Cannabis

2019-01-22T14:16:04+00:00December 20th, 2018|Cannabis Industry News|

2018 was an outstanding year for the cannabis industry. Several states went legal, product innovation was booming, and the cannabis movement continued to spread across the globe. In case you’ve missed out, here’s a cannabis industry news recap for 2018: Cannabis Industry News in the U.S. - Which States Went Legal? The cannabis movement

Wondering When the Rest of SoCal Will Open Up to Commercial Marijuana?

2019-01-22T14:15:47+00:00December 11th, 2018|Cannabis Industry News|

Coming Soon!Areas in San Diego County and Riverside County will Open Up to Commercial MarijuanaDespite the state-wide legalization of recreational marijuana, there are many areas of Southern California where commercial marijuana operations still aren’t readily available. Fortunately, thanks to thousands of vocal voters this past November, more commercial marijuana programs are on track to debut

VA to Injured Veterans: No Cannabis Research for PTSD

2018-10-05T22:20:29+00:00January 24th, 2018|Cannabis Industry News|

After weeks of speculation, it’s official: The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs will not conduct any research into whether medical marijuana could help veterans suffering from the debilitating effects of PTSD and chronic pain. That’s the word from David J. Shulkin, M.D., Secretary of Veterans Affairs, who flat-out rejected the evidence-based claim the drug could

Majority Rules: More Than 60 Percent Favor Legalization of Cannabis

2018-10-05T22:23:07+00:00January 17th, 2018|Cannabis Industry News|

The times, they sure are a-changin’— even in professional sports, where players may soon be able to frequent medicinal cannabis dispensaries like many of their fellow athletes. Right now, at this moment, about 6 in 10 Americans support cannabis, according to a poll conducted by the Pew Research Center, a highly respected national public opinion

Former NBA Commissioner Supports Medical Cannabis

2018-10-05T22:23:58+00:00January 10th, 2018|Cannabis Industry News|

Ex-NBA Commissioner Favors Medicinal Cannabis. What’s Next? The times, they sure are a-changin’— even in professional sports, where players may soon be able to frequent medicinal cannabis dispensaries like many of their fellow athletes. Consider the surprising change of heart of former National Basketball Association commissioner David J. Stern on the use of medicinal cannabis

California Wildfires Could Impact Cannabis Business Revenue

2018-10-05T22:25:32+00:00January 10th, 2018|Cannabis Industry News|

Back in October, the Northern California wildfires inflicted damage on thousands of acres across the famed vineyards of Napa, Sonoma, and Mendocino. More than 30 large-scale cannabis farms were destroyed, and many more cannabis businesses were affected. The wildfires took an enormous human and property toll: 42 people dead, more than 100,000 residents displaced, 160,000

Oh, Canada: A Leafy Buy for Major Beer Purveyor

2018-10-05T22:27:40+00:00December 11th, 2017|Cannabis Industry News|

No doubt you’ve heard of Corona, Corona Extra, Corona Light, Modelo Especial, Modelo Negra and Pacifico – all familiar high-end labels favored by discerning beer drinkers. Now meet Constellation Brands, the $7 billion Fortune 500 firm that distributes those popular brands. It’s the world’s largest beer distribution company and the third largest beer company in

San Diego Most Progressive CA Green Rush City

2018-10-05T22:28:49+00:00November 21st, 2017|Cannabis Industry News|

San Diego is the first city in the state to legalize cannabis cultivation, embracing the California Green Rush “more fully than almost any other community in California, including San Francisco and Los Angeles,” according to the San Diego Union Tribune. The San Diego community is moving with renewed force, pushing cannabis business opportunity legislation rapidly

Proposition 64: Timeline for Marketing Your Recreational Marijuana Business

2018-10-05T22:34:30+00:00January 17th, 2017|Cannabis Industry News|

When Will California Legalize Recreational Marijuana? It’s a question that’s been on the mind of West Coasters since the passing of the Compassionate Use Act in 1996. As of Nov. 9, 2016, that question has been answered: NOW! Proposition 64 has passed, and recreational marijuana sales are poised to bring a colossal influx of