3 Ways Your Marijuana Logo Can Attract More Business

2020-01-15T15:06:17-08:00May 17th, 2017|Branding, Cannabis Branding, Cannabis Logo & Branding, Cannabis Marketing, Cannabis Packaging|

Your marijuana logo matters. Even in niche, low-competition industries, strategic branding is important. In the booming California recreational marijuana industry, it’s imperative to have a brand that is enticing at a glance and cohesive under closer scrutiny. Competition in the recreational marijuana field is already fierce, and it’s only going to get thicker. Set your
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5 Reasons Your Cannabis Business Needs a Marketing Agency

2019-04-17T12:05:22-07:00April 4th, 2017|Branding, Cannabis Branding, Cannabis Legislation, Cannabis Logo & Branding, Cannabis Marketing, Cannabis Packaging, Cannabis SEO, Cannabis Websites|

Unexpected cannabis markets are blooming left and right as more states legalize medicinal and recreational use. Whether you’re an established marijuana business or a pioneer ready to explore this new world, what you do right now to attract new customers and grow your brand will determine your future of your marijuana business. If you want
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Cannabis Marketing: 5 Successful Companies with Smart Branding

2019-04-16T15:58:25-07:00November 3rd, 2016|Branding, Cannabis Branding, Cannabis Logo & Branding, Cannabis Marketing, Cannabis Packaging|

The prospect of nationwide legalization of cannabis is an exciting one — especially from a business standpoint. Entrepreneurs are calling legal weed “the next Gold Rush.” One only has to look at how the industry performed in its first year in Colorado to see why.  With legal marijuana sales beating out Dasani, Oreos, and Girl
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