The cannabis industry is booming, and has the potential to grow at even more astounding rates in the near future. According to Forbes, marijuana sales totaled $6.7 billion in 2016. The legalization of cannabis in various areas, and the passage of new recreational usage laws in California set for 2018 will likely mean more growth. There’s no telling how far the industry can go. Any marijuana business in the cannabis industry can thrive with the help of proper cannabis SEO and digital marketing efforts.

Why Cannabis SEO is Important: AdWords are Restricted

One of the most challenging aspects of cannabis marketing online is that paid ads are restricted on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and various other paid promotion channels. Make sure that all of your advertising activity follows posting guidelines, which can be subject to frequent change.

In the context of cannabis marketing, it is possible for little budget to be devoted to ads due to the restrictive policies for AdWords and other paid platforms. This means that a good amount of online conversion will be happening organically for cannabis businesses. Cannabis SEO is one of the major counterpoints to paid ads — if SEO is strong, and organic traffic is strong, then you can devote fewer resources to paid cannabis advertising.

Content is Still King for Cannabis Marketing

In the world of digital marketing, the saying, “Content is king” has been around for a while and is true in the realm of online cannabis marketing. Your web content performs many functions:

  • Provides customized information for buyers and interested visitors
  • Converts potential customers into paying leads and creates loyalty
  • Informs Google of what your company does, what products and services it provides, etc. (this can affect the company’s search engine ranking)
  • Helps to shift stigmas and negative perceptions associated with cannabis

In particular, cannabis blog posts are one of the best way to consistently increase traffic on your website. Unlike the company home page or team page, blogs can be updated on a weekly basis, or even more frequently. This allows you to post relevant information, company events and news, and allows you to continually add keywords to your website. This practice alone can help dramatically increase sales and loyal members.

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Cannabis SEO is Not an Afterthought

You’d be surprised at the number of cannabis businesses that rush to get a website put out but neglect SEO. They launch their cannabis marketing campaign, only to realize that their website is not optimized to generate leads or to capture those leads.

Best marijuana SEO practices need to be built into the company’s website from the beginning. The site’s structure and keywords should be optimized well before it’s built out. Web content should be constantly updated and refreshed to ensure that the content is new and relevant. This helps search ranking results dramatically, especially for older pages and blog posts.

Consider working with a cannabis marketing agency right from the beginning, so that you don’t miss any opportunities for growth along the way. SEO campaigns takes time and patience; it takes time for Google and other search engines to generate the data that improves web page search rankings.

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