Today’s buyer is highly conscious, self-educated, and opinionated when it comes to cannabis packaging. They know how to research products, listen to company’s mission statements, and see if a brand’s values square with their own. Many of today’s cannabis consumers are health-conscious, socially aware, and able to select products based on several aspects, not just price or reputation. 

But did you know that a great deal of cannabis customers are also environmentally conscious? For many, choosing a cannabis brand that treats the planet well is at the top of their list. So what is your brand doing to care for the environment? Are your products in line with this goal? 

Read on to learn the importance of staying environmentally aware, and how it can even benefit your brand’s reputation and sales. 

The “Green” Green Movement

The cannabis movement is often referred to as the green movement. We call legal states “green states”, the color green is often found on dispensary symbols, and so forth. However, “green” is originally associated with environmental awareness and care for the planet. The word also conjures up images of the rainforest, recycling, saving the ozone layer, and other familiar efforts to save the planet. 

But how “green” is the green cannabis movement? Are cannabis companies on board with caring for the environment? And why does this even matter for the cannabis movement? 

Well, for one, it only makes sense that an industry that is strongly focused on health and human longevity should also include the health of our planet in that mission. Sad to say, it seems that many companies are still out to make a quick buck, and don’t really factor in these types of issues in their branding and mission.   

What Steps Can Your Company Take?

When it comes to making the move to be more environmentally conscious, there are many steps you can take. Even the smallest efforts will be noticed by your fan base, and will help to increase brand loyalty for your existing customers. 

Here are a few cannabis packaging solutions your company can take to improve your environmental care efforts: 

Wean off of plastic: Many cannabis products are packaged in plastic materials. For instance, we’ve noticed many pre-rolls and vape cartridges come in plastic tubes. While these may be convenient, plastic is wreaking havoc on our oceans. The less plastic you can use, the better.

Pay attention to dyes: Certain dyes are worse for the environment than others. Pay attention to your sources of ink and other dyes, and be sure you’re choosing sources that are non-toxic and non-damaging to the ecosystem.

Encourage recycling: If you can’t immediately switch over to biodegradable materials, at least include some messaging on your marijuana packaging to encourage your customers to recycle. This can be as simple as including some small print that says, “Please recycle”. This is an example of a small step that can be implemented at very, very minimal cost, but can lead to huge payoffs for your brand and for the planet. 

Put together a team clean-up day: As a general rule of thumb, consumers love seeing company team members taking an active part in community events, beach clean-ups, fundraisers for the environment, and other grass-roots green activities. Be sure to snap plenty of photos and videos of the events, and share them on social media. It’s a great way to humanize your brand and put a face to your company.  

Many cannabis brands are already switching to more environmentally-friendly cannabis packaging. For instance, many companies are using cardboard tubes and boxes instead of the older plastic containers. The Jetty Extracts company also uses a wood tip for their cartridges, instead of the plastic tips — a cool, hip feature that’s also better for the environment.  

For more tips on environmentally-friendly packaging, have a look at this article. While these may not all be cannabis brands, we’re sure you can pick up some good direction from these companies. 

Does your company need to strategize its current state of branding? Get in touch with us at 4Blooms and we’ll help you craft a strategy that highlights your strengths and environmental efforts.

Let Your Green Efforts Be Known

Are your labels printed on 100% recycled paper? Let it be known! Does your company source its plants from sustainable organic farming operations? Share that with your client base! It’s not really “tooting your own horn” — rather, there’s no way your customers and future clients will know what you’re up to without sharing it.

As we’ve mentioned above, there’s no better way to humanize your organization than to share your story, along with pics and plenty of video, and tell the world what you’re up to. 

In the future, we envision more conscious efforts in this arena. We’d love to see forward momentum and cooperation such as:

  • Ways to certify that cannabis companies are “green”. Many are organic-certified; it might not be a huge leap to consider a green label.
  • Coalitions and cooperatives for cannabis companies that are focused on raising environmental awareness in the cannabis space.
  • More fundraisers, conferences, and events focused on cannabis packaging solutions.
  • Cooperation between farmers, manufacturers, and distributors to ensure best green practices.

Lastly, coming up with green cannabis packaging doesn’t have to be boring or a drag. It’s actually a great way to shake things up and generate some buzz around your product and your company!

Work with a Professional Cannabis Packaging and Branding Company

Are you eager to get started on integrating environmentally sound practices into your packaging, branding, and overall operations? Let’s get in touch! We can help you formulate a workable strategy to help broaden your customer base and promote your message. Let’s get started today, our planet needs it!