In the field of cannabis marketing, new techniques and online strategies can arise with great frequency. Some of these trends come and go, but others stand the test of time due to their effectiveness. When considering to adopt a new cannabis marketing strategy, it helps to come up with a few key questions, such as:

  • Will the new technique or strategy help my business gain customers?
  • Is the strategy suited to the company’s goals?
  • Are competitors using these methods already? What types of results are they seeing?
  • Are the methods sustainable in the long run?

The following are a few of the best online marijuana marketing strategies and techniques that cannabis businesses should be adopting. When implemented correctly, these can help both new and existing businesses build their online brand presence, generate leads, and convert more customers over time.

1. Build Your Cannabis Marketing Strategy with Robust Content Creation

“Content is king” — this saying is pretty common in the world of digital marketing, and for a good reason, too. Providing rich, robust content is one of the best ways to solidify your position in the industry and build a reputation as a reliable, dependable company.

Strong cannabis-centric content provides a whole host of benefits for dispensary marketing campaigns. These include:

  • Cannabis SEO improvements
  • More traffic to the company website
  • Better, more on-point leads
  • Increased credibility as an industry thought-leader

At times, it can feel like much of the online informational content in the cannabis industry is being dominated by few larger, informational-type websites. While this might be true for some aspects of the industry, try not to let this discourage you from promoting your own company’s content. Remember: this is valuable information that only your company can provide to consumers, researchers, and industry experts.

When customers find your organization to be a reliable source of fresh, leading-edge information, they are more likely to work with you, more likely to recommend you to friends, to visit your shop, and to remain faithful consumers over time.

2. Make Use of Custom-Made Minisites

A minisite, or microsite, is a website by which a cannabis dispensary or business can provide information about specific products or services that they want to promote. The minisite can be created apart from existing company pages, and is typically enhanced with infographics, visuals, videos, stats, and other info not found on the main cannabis website.

Most importantly, a custom-made minisite can be used for aggressive direct marketing approaches in order to capture the exact type of  customers who will stay loyal and promote your brand. Minisites can provide targeted marketing power for:

  • Special daily or weekly promotions
  • Sweepstakes and other prize-driven projects
  • New cannabis product features
  • Increasing conversions and sales for specific products
  • Launching new apps
  • Any campaign requiring a specific, directed focus

Say, for example, a high-end cannabis vape pen company wants to release an enhanced “Version 2” of their best-selling pen. They can create a minisite just for the new version so that all ads, social media posts, blogs, and other content can link to the minisite, where visitors can then learn more about the new version and potentially make a purchase. Rather than getting lost in sea of cannabis products and menus, the Version 2 pen can receive its own minisite, where the customer views only that product.

The minisite will be able to record and provide metrics specifically for that product. It can be left up for ongoing lead generation, or it can be taken down and replaced as new products are released.

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3. Use Video Integration to Bring Your Content to Life

Cannabusinesses that use video features in a cannabis marketing campaign are immediately distinguished from the rest of the competition. Did you know:

  • Video content in an email can lead to a massive 200 to 300 percent increase in your email click-through rates?
  • Around 80 percent of web visitors can recall video marketing content that they viewed in the past 30 days?
  • 59 percent of executives would rather consume their information by watching a video rather than reading text?

Providing video content for your web visitors capture relatable “human” elements, such as personality, tone of voice, and body language. In this regard, interviews of key team members and executives can help build the “face” and “voice” of your company.

Video is also excellent for displaying product details and features. Video is an ideal format for product highlights, product tutorials (“How Tos”), and product reviews.

Nevertheless, cannabusinesses and dispensaries still need plenty of optimized web content and other cannabis marketing methods to ensure that their websites are searchable; however, having quality videos can supplement your website with stronger, more dedicated customer leads.

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