The best cannabis logos are an artful blend of words, colors, shapes, and symbols. When put together, all these elements create a memorable visual image that helps make a brand beautiful and memorable. Cannabis logos are also a way for your company to express its mission, values, and goals in visual package. 

So, you want to make sure that your logo is the best representation of your company. When designing a logo, there are many themes you can incorporate to help produce consistency, which is keep to making your brand stand out from the crowd. 

Here are some of the top cannabis logo themes that you can begin incorporating right away. 

Popular Cannabis Logo Themes: Symbols

Most logos are symbols that communicate certain ideas, moods, or even feelings. In this regard, there is an endless array of symbols to choose from. These will all depend on what type of vibe or “aura” you’re trying to create around your product line. The following are common symbols to consider in the cannabis industry:

  • Nature symbols like flowers, trees,  the sun, and other images pulled from nature can create a wide range of themes and settings for your products. They also speak of health, purity, and environmental awareness.
  • Pharmaceutical symbols such as the ℞ symbol can add a touch of medical credibility to your logo themes. 
  • Chemical symbols can be used to emphasize research and development that goes into your product.

Of course, the classic seven-pointed marijuana leaf is an ever-present symbol in the cannabis industry (naturally). A word of caution here however: most companies avoid the typical outline of the marijuana leaf. It’s still very much associated with certain stigmas that most cannabis businesses are trying to distance themselves from. 

If you notice, the companies that do incorporate the seven-pointed cannabis leaf symbol will often used a stripped-down, abstract version of it. Your eye still naturally recognizes the symbol, but using an alternate version communicates a different message than the traditional leaf silhouette 

The best thing about symbols is that they can create effects in a subtle, almost hidden way sometimes. They are non-intrusive and non-distracting, so they’re good for situations where you might want to highlight the wording more than the visual symbol. Same thing for basic shapes, which are discussed further below. 

It’s really, really difficult to choose themes that symbolize and represent your company if you are not 100% clear on what your company stands for. Check out our APEX Branding Workshop to discover the strengths, benefits, features, and origin story of your own company in a brand new way. 

Logo Ideas 101: Certain Animals Convey Specific Strengths

The idea of using an animal as a symbol to convey certain characteristics is certainly not new. People have been doing this for ages, and for good reason too: our minds naturally associate certain animals with certain abilities and characteristics. This is why sports teams frequently choose an animal for their mascot. 

For instance, consider the following: 

  • Lions can represent strength and power; also, as “King of the Jungle” they are a symbol of dominance
  • Owls can represent wisdom and knowledge
  • Rhinos, bulldogs, and bulls all can represent tenacity and perseverance 
  • Birds can symbolize freedom (such as freedom from sickness or worry)

…And so on. The key here is to make sure you don’t end up turning your choice of animals into a caricature or a cartoon. For one, we believe the cannabis industry is serious business, and companies should represent themselves in a dignified manner. 

Secondly (equally important though, maybe more), cannabis packaging laws basically prohibit the use of any imagery that might make the product appeal to minors and children. So, if your logo has a cartoon animal on it, you might face enforcement and your company might be hit with some serious consequences. 

Understand and Harness the Power of Basic Shapes in Your Cannabis Logo

As discussed, symbols are powerful ways to highlight certain concepts. To bring it down to an even more abstract level, the most basic of shapes can carry very strong ideas and even emotional qualities when you use them. For example: 

  • Circles can represent a never-ending flow 
  • Triangles have a natural peak to them and can convey leadership 
  • Squares signify strength and stability
  • Diamond shapes add a feel of innovation or inventiveness
  • Stars indicate that something is unique or outstanding

These ideas and concepts are so basic that many people forget how powerful they can be. These connections have been ingrained into our psyches since we were kids; so when you use them, they tap into very primal areas of our thinking, and we tend to react to them almost on a reflex level. That being said, you’ll want to take advantage of something so simple yet effective.  

Develop Your Brand with Professionally-Designed Logos

These are just a few ideas you can mull over when thinking about your company’s logo. But, we don’t expect you to become expert logo designers overnight. That’s where we come in. At 4Blooms, our team has deep experience crafting beautiful logos that project exactly what your company is all about. 

Beyond that, our APEX Branding Workshop helps you uncover what your company is about in ways you might not even have known yourself. Building on that base, our clients walk away with custom, tailor-made logos and packaging with a level of attention that you can’t get anywhere else. Get in touch with us today and we can help you get started on your own custom logo.