Part 1: Cannabis Content

Cannabis Content and SEO are the bedrock, the foundation of digital marketing. They work hand in hand to help businesses drive traffic, increase search rankings, and capture audiences. In the cannabis industry, these are especially important, especially given the strictness of regulations on the internet. 

Cannabis businesses have their own needs when it comes to content and SEO. Even though cannabis has been legal for a while now in many areas, many businesses still struggle with online marketing efforts. This blog is installment is a two-part series discussing the dos and don’ts of cannabis content and cannabis SEO. This week we’re focusing on online cannabis content.  

Cannabis Content Dos and Don’ts: DO Maintain a Blog

Maintaining a cannabis blog is one of the best things you can do content-wise. Why? Several reasons. First, it’s a great way to keep content on your website fresh. Your main menu pages probably won’t change all that much, but you still need to consistently add new keywords to your domain. The easiest way to do this is to blog regularly, so you have new articles and keywords associated with your website. This will help your rankings tremendously.

Secondly, blogging is one way to stay engaged with your audience. If you blog regularly and consistently, your readers will come to expect new content for you. They will return again and again to your brand for new developments, news, and opinions in the cannabis industry. Whether you’re providing products or services, blogging creates expectancy in your audience.

DO talk about your company’s origins

In the past, many cannabis companies often kept their history and origins in this shadows. Whether this was out of a fear of regulation or a need to feel anonymous, lots of companies sprang seemingly out of nowhere, with no mention of how they started, or what their aim was in starting their company. 

These days are well behind us. Now, buyers want to know what a company stands for, how they started, and what their origin story is. It’s not enough to simply create a business and put out a product. In order to really make your cannabis brand architecture stick in the minds of your buyers, they need to know what your purpose is and why your product is being made. In other words, they need context. 

Be sure to include ample information about your company’s beginnings. Your “About Us” page should contain an engaging story about your company’s mission and values. Beyond this, you can include background as needed on your packaging, in your social media content, and as many other places as you can.  

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DON’T Try to Make Any Medical Claims

This is somewhat of a newer concern, especially with CBD products. In its early stages, CBD was largely unregulated in terms of the types of medical claims that were associated it with in in online cannabis content. Recently, the FDA has been coming down hard on CBD businesses making various medical claims online. So, we’d caution any cannabis company (not just CBD) to be wary of making medical claims in association with their products for now. 

We say for now because we truly hope that regulators will begin seeing the wide body of medical research that already exists surrounding cannabis and CBD. For the moment, CBD companies should lay low and focus on other aspects of CBD products. These can include the quality of their CBD, the terpenes being used, or other aspects of production. 

As a workaround, it also helps to communicate through customer testimonies and their overall, general experiences. This softens the content a bit and helps avoid making medical claims. If you’re still wary, it doesn’t hurt to just avoid claims altogether for now.  

DON’T Put Out Mediocre Content

This is one of the most prevalent issues we’re seeing with cannabis companies and cannabis websites. It’s almost worse to put out content that is mediocre, poorly-researched, or sloppily-written, than to have none at all. Why is this? 

Most cannabis consumers are well-informed and well-researched. They know exactly what they’re looking for, and understand a good deal of the science that goes into cannabis, hemp, and CBD products. They can also see right through any cannabis content that is inauthentic or disingenuous. 

Make sure your cannabis content is original, fresh, and supported with adequate links and articles. This will go a long way in establishing customer trust and brand loyalty.

The Bottom Line

Here’s the bottom line: consistently put out fresh, genuine, well-researched and supported cannabis content, and you’ll do better than many of your competitors. Hopefully though, all cannabis companies will do this, which will elevate the entire industry and continue to erode the older stigmas still clinging to the cannabis movement. 

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