Making branding mistakes is embarrassing. Your company’s branding captures the very core of your reason to exist and therefore is one of its most important aspects of your business. Making a branding mistake can have serious consequences. An error in judgment or the wrong branding decision can set your company on an entirely wrong path for months or even years.  

Branding should be well-thought out to help you avoid the worst branding mistakes that can have drastic consequences. Here are some of the worst branding mistakes for cannabis and hemp companies to avoid. 

Mistake #1: Not Being Clear on Your Value Proposition

Your company’s value proposition is the promise of what you will deliver to your customers that will benefit them. Your customers and clients should be clear on what they can expect to get from you by doing business with you. 

Your value proposition should encapsulate key points like:

  • Features of your product or service (i.e., what it can do or offer)
  • Benefits of your product (i.e., what the customer will get from it)
  • How your products or services are different from the competition
  • Why your customers and clients need you

If you can’t communicate all of the points above in a clear and concise way, chances are your branding and messaging is unclear. This is one of the main branding mistakes to avoid.

Value proposition can get lost in a number of ways, including:

  • Use of too many buzzwords
  • Vague language in your content
  • Branding that is too similar to that of other products
  • Failure to communicate which pain points you are solving

Don’t make the mistake of saying, “Our products speak for themselves.” Instead, be exactly clear on the reasons why potential customers should choose your brand.

Mistake #2: Not Having a Clearly-Defined Brand Strategy

Another branding mistake for cannabis companies to avoid is not having a clearly-defined brand strategy to begin with. Don’t rely purely on the strength of your aesthetics or logo themes

A strong cannabis or hemp brand strategy should include fundamentals like:

  • Well-defined personas  
  • Geographic targeting, including hyperlocal marketing (IL)
  • Clear and consistent business and campaign goals
  • Strong mission statement and origin story

You need to understand your positioning in your particular corner of the market, and what role your business plays there. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting your branding efforts on the wrong audience or crowd. 

Is your brand clear on its strategy and value propositions? If not, consider enrolling in our APEX Branding Workshop. We’ll teach you how to craft the perfect branding campaign based on your needs and goals. 

Mistake #3: Straying from your Bread and Butter

Rebrands and pivots are important and can very often be necessary. For instance, there may be a new regulation that might require you to change the way your hemp packaging is configured. In such situations, making the proper adjustments is the right thing to do. 

One of the worst branding mistakes is to transform your brand to the point that it’s unrecognizable or strays too far from what makes you successful. For instance, if your brand is well-known for providing quality organic extracts, you don’t want to change your brand image so much that people forget about your extract products. This can happen if you suddenly remove a key image or reference from your logo or cannabis packaging.

Mistake #4: Not Being Consistent Across Channels

The entire point of branding is to make your company recognizable and memorable. If your branding is not consistent everywhere it appears, you’re bound to run into problems. For example, if you have one logo on your website and an older logo on your social media channels, your buyers may lose trust in your brand. 

You can facilitate brand consistency by taking simple steps like creating a style guide. Coordinate all your visual assets before you present them online. Put some thought into when and where your material appears, and make sure that your potential buyers recognize that it’s you. 

Mistake #5: Relying Too Heavily on Trends

There’s a big difference between updating your brand and losing your entire identity trying to keep up with the latest new fad. This is especially of concern in the cannabis industry, where new  innovations are constantly pushing things forward. 

As a rule of thumb, it’s okay to use trends as inspiration. Don’t however rely entirely on them as the source of your business growth. Be wary of reliance on trends in these areas:

  • Fonts
  • Color combinations
  • Slang or catch phrases
  • Internet trends like memes 
  • Celebrity endorsements

The spirit of your company should shine through your branding, not the other way around. Don’t be afraid to be a trendsetter, either, if you have a new angle or way of doing things. 

Get Guidance From a Professional Cannabis Branding Agency

One of the easiest ways to avoid making branding mistakes is to get guidance before you set out. Partnering yourself with a professional cannabis branding agency can help you avoid costly mistakes that have effects for years. 

If you need professional branding guidance for your cannabis, hemp, or CBD company, get in touch with us now. We’ll provide the oversight and input needed for your brand’s needs and goals. 

Stand out from the crowd by improving your cannabis branding efforts with us.