What is it that causes customers to return to a dispensary, or to purchase a certain product for a second or third time? For many customers, it’s not really about the actual location or the product, but more about the particular brand they prefer. Cannabis brand loyalty is all about inspiring a return trip and keeping buyers satisfied and coming back for more. In this regard, branding is central to customer loyalty. If buyers aren’t familiar with your cannabis brand, or if they can’t remember your brand, then it’s more likely that they will turn elsewhere for a similar product.

How Effective Cannabis Branding Impacts Buyer Loyalty

At its very heart, cannabis branding loyalty is about making your name visible and getting your company to stand out above the crowd. In the cannabis marketplace, this can sometimes be tough to do. Many people don’t know that branding covers so much more than just the company name or logo. It also involves your cannabis company’s reputation — how customers view your organization, and what type of quality they can expect. The visual aspects of a cannabis brand, such as shapes, colors, and logos, are basically symbols for what make the company unique: its philosophy, history, and contributions it provides for consumers.

Follow these insider tips for your cannabis brand campaign to help ensure that buyers keep returning for more:

1. Tell Your Story to Get Customers Invested

Tell your company’s history and story. You might not feel that the “About Us” or “Our Story” pages on a website matter, but they are absolutely critical for cannabis brand loyalty! These types of pages provide customers with a look at who you are, how your organization started, and most importantly, what you stand for. Each page on your cannabis website is an “About Us” branding page. Every web page, blog post, ad, social media post, etc. should inform customers not just what your products are, but who the company is and what makes them different from others.

2. Follow-Up to Get Repeat Customers

Your goal should not be just to generate new leads and customers, but also to convert one-time buyers into repeat customers. It is cheaper to sell to existing customers than to spend marketing dollars to attract new ones. Even better, automated follow-up and rewards campaigns can be set up to nurture these customers without creating any extra work! For example, has your customer made a second purchase? You may want to send them a heartfelt “thank you” email for their repeat business. Have they referred a friend to your company? Extend a discount on their next purchase (this can also incentivize them to bring in more referrals).

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3. Provide Outstanding Customer Service

A common entry you may see on Yelp, Weedmaps, or other review websites is, “The cannabis product is great, but their service was absolutely horrible. I’ll shop somewhere else”. These types of reviews stick and will damage your brand. Make sure your company is associated with positive testimonials and reviews. The best cannabis brands often dedicate a section of their websites to feature positive reviews and input. These can work wonders for cannabis brand loyalty.

4. Highlight Happy Employees

If previous employees are generating negative reviews, this can also reflect poorly on the company. Many efforts are being made to create cannabis businesses that are compliant, especially when it comes to employee benefits and satisfaction. Positive reports about happy employees are helpful in any branding campaign.  Consider these ways to boost employee morale:

  • An “Employee of the Month” or a similar employee highlight can make an excellent blog or newsletter feature, and can provide insight as to what employees enjoy about the company
  • Your “About Us” or “Meet the Team” pages are especially important. Present employees as being energetic and inspiring
  • A positive, creative, and rewarding work environment translates naturally into better services and products

A company’s own employees know the brand and its products better than other people. Their testimonies and insights can also form the foundation for content that further promotes the company’s brand and goals.

Cannabis Branding Fits Hand-in-Hand with Marketing

A strong cannabis marketing campaign can really boost company performance and returns; however, it is consistent cannabis brand loyalty that helps ensure longevity in the industry. Company branding is deeply related to concepts like consistency and dependability. Buyers stay loyal to a specific brand because they are able to expect the same high quality again and again. Get in touch with us today at 4Blooms, and we’ll help you build a brand that people can rely on over the years.