Most cannabis companies devote the majority of their marketing resources on efforts to increase their website traffic. However, this is only half of the equation. Once a potential customer visits your site, what’s next? How are you motivating visitors to take time out of their day to contact your team? An effective cannabis website design is an integral tool in transforming website visitors into leads you can convert into customers.

No two cannabis companies are exactly alike, and they often target different demographics. That’s why it’s important to develop powerful buyer personas for your ideal customers. However, you can also increase the percentage of visitors that convert into leads by following these best practices in your cannabis website design.

1. Clean and Uncluttered Layout

Have you ever tried to find something in a typical teenager’s room? After wading through piles of clothes and rifling through papers on the adolescent’s desk, you’ve probably given up. Imagine your homepage is a room and your visitors are searching for something they need — usually in a few free minutes between activities. Your cannabis website design can make it simple for a prospective customer to see how your company can solve their problem and make their life easier.

Here are a few common characteristics of a clean layout:

  • Plenty of White Space — Blank space around important elements draws attention to them and makes it easier for visitors to focus on them. The best packaging and website schemes fuse art & science in attractive ways.
  • Limited Color Palette — Use a limited color palette that complements your logo and a single bold highlight color that stands out of from the other shades.
  • Easy-to-Read Typography — Are your customers older or younger? Do they primarily use smartphones or laptops? Tailor the font choice of your cannabis website design to look best for your readers.
  • Simple Navigation — Make it easy to access the navigation from every page and device. Use a mobile-responsive cannabis website design so your site looks amazing on every size screen.
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2. Visible and Specific Calls-to-Action (CTA)

A call-to-action (CTA) is an element that prompts a customer to take further action. In terms of a cannabis website design, CTAs usually take the form of a button, image, or text. An effective CTA makes it easy for your visitors to clearly see what the next step is without putting the burden on them to decide. In addition, CTAs give you the opportunity to continually improve your cannabis website design by tracking, testing, and measuring what visitors are doing on your site.

Best practices for a Call-to-Action:

  • Use Specific Language — Tell visitors exactly what you want them to do with action words such as: Get, Buy, Start, Download, Contact, Make, etc.
  • Limit the Number — Studies show that too many choices lead to no choice at all. Only include the most important actions in your cannabis website design.
  • Prime Placement — Make CTAs easy to find by positioning them in the top-right quadrant of a page or directly beneath engaging content.
  • Bright Colors — Use the accent color from your color palette to make your CTAs stand out from the rest of the content on your site, but make sure the color matches your current branding.
  • Large Size  — Make your calls to action as visible as possible. Your mobile users will thank you.
  • Tracking and Analysis — Leverage Google Analytics, CRM tools, or other tracking systems to determine which elements of your cannabis website design are working in your favor — and which are not. Omit what isn’t working and accentuate what is.

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3. Emotional Imagery

Pictures truly are worth a thousand words, especially in terms of cannabis website design. People are busy and distracted. They don’t have time to read every website to see which cannabis brand is best for them, so they skim instead. Powerful images will tell them in seconds if it’s worth their time to explore your site further. More importantly, images convey emotion and emotion, not information, leads people to take action. (Learn more: How Emotions Influence What We Buy)

Elements of a powerful image:

  • Include People — Ideally, include images of people making eye-contact with the camera. These pictures have proven to be the most emotionally engaging.
  • Use Subjects Who Look Like Your Ideal Client — Website visitors will know instantly if your cannabis business is for them, or if they should look elsewhere.
  • Illustrate Before and After Scenarios — Use an image that represents your customers’ pain points prior to experiencing your service or product. Use another image that represents the benefits your cannabis business offers. Test these options against one another to see which one proves most effective with your audience.
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Having a solid, aesthetically-pleasing website in place is important for success in the cannabis sector. Even more importantly, your website should be set up and configured in a way that maximizes conversions and encourages repeat buyers.

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