Group marketing has become more and more important as people seek to fit in someplace. Whether we’re conscious of it or not, we often make important life choices based on our membership in a particular group. Our social interaction with others informs our consumer choices far more deeply than we think.

This is especially true in the cannabis industry — with the influx of social media channels, industry influencers, and celebrity spokespersons, it’s crucial to be able to create custom cannabis packaging that appeals to the group your product most resonates with.

For instance, when a person buys a shirt with their favorite sports team’s brand on it, they’re likely not making just a simple fashion statement. Rather, they may be driven by thoughts such as:

Group Marketing Addresses Our Deep Need to Belong

When we follow these thoughts even further, it becomes truly fascinating: that simple little sports t-shirt is no longer a just a shirt; instead, it becomes a badge that says, “this is who I am” and “I belong to this group.” And when you see someone else wearing your team’s logo, or using products that have the same packaging, you feel a sense of connectedness with that person, even though they may be a complete stranger.

Another example of this group dynamic can be seen with the sudden surge in festivals. Music festivals have been around forever, but lately they’ve taken on a much stronger group dynamic. People attend festivals in groups, camp out together, and even dress up according to themes with their groups. Much of the fun revolves heavily around this feeling of “belonging” strongly to a group.

Custom Cannabis Packaging and Marketing With Groups in Mind

Let’s explore how we can approach cannabis packaging, branding, and marketing by placing group dynamics at the forefront. When crafting a persona-based marketing strategy, start by asking three important questions about the groups your target audience might belong to:

1. What Does this Group Value?

First, ask what types of values the group asks of its members. For instance, using our example above, many sports fans attach a high premium to team loyalty and “staying true” to their team. This type of social group is likely going to be attracted to messaging that emphasizes long-term commitment to a team, despite the ups-and-downs of team performance.

In the cannabis world, a similar group might be attracted to cannabis brand design and packaging that has a powerful, long-term commitment, such as creating cannabis gummies to help people with arthritis or other medical conditions.

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2. Who Are the Key Influencers in This Group?

After understanding the group’s values, your next important task is to identify key influencers in the group that you’re marketing to. This can be tricky. For example, in the cannabis industry, key influencers are likely not going to be corporate figures; at the heart of the group, the actual movers and shakers might be the ones creating products and innovating new cannabis technology.

Thus, to really reach inside the core of such a grassroots-level group, you’ll want to connect with the artists, designers, innovators, and entrepreneurs. This type of approach is very effective in the cannabis industry, which often fuses art and science together in the same packaging.

3. Which Other Groups Intersect With the Target Group?

Just as no person lives on an island, no cannabis consumer group exists in isolation. Some groups interact heavily with one another. These can be thought of as “symbiotic groups” — groups that depend on one another for support and resources. The best part about these is that if you can reach one group, you’ll probably have success reaching the other one as well. An examples of symbiotic groups in the cannabis industry might be a vape cartridge company that collaborates with a flower company to provide exclusive strain-based products.

By thinking about how people identify themselves in groups, you can get a better grasp of how you can connect with them through highly customized cannabis packaging and branding. For many customers, buying your product or services doesn’t just mean obtaining something new; it can often mean that they’re in the process of becoming someone new themselves.

Leverage Group Marketing for Maximum Results

By utilizing a group marketing approach to your company’s cannabis packaging and branding, you can strengthen your chances of connecting with new leads. You’ll also be able to nurture your relationship with existing customers to create customers with strong brand loyalty. Incorporating these ideas can open up and even create whole new worlds of opportunities as you grow your company.

Let us help you build and market your unique cannabis brand so you can be seen in a way that reaches the right audiences! Get in touch with us today to get started on a marketing campaign that showcases your packaging to the right groups.