For many years, many cannabusinesses have gotten most of their clients through word-of-mouth. Makes sense, right? Your company provides stellar products, so when a customer finds you, they may be eager to tell others about the product.

But now, that might not be enough. As cannabis legalization spreads throughout the nation, more and more people are finding cannabis products and services through online channels. This is especially true for the younger generation that educates themselves as they seek for the best cannabis brands.

Not only is the younger generation more predisposed to find you online, but they also care more about the ideals and broader, altruistic purposes that cannabis brands stand for. As we continue to move into the future, it’s critical for your cannabis brand to highlight your ideals and to show the human side of your company.

Adjusting your company’s branding and marketing strategy can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t need to be. Start by answering these questions: What does your cannabis company stand for, and what sets you apart from the competition? Once you’ve come up with the answer, here’s how to incorporate that message into your marketing for your cannabis brand:

1. The Best Cannabis Brands have Ultra-Clear Messaging on their Websites

A clean, beautiful website is the linchpin for all the best cannabis brands. Whether potential buyers discover your company through a friend, Google, or Facebook, they’re going to check out your website before anything else.

When they arrive at your site, what will they see? Does your cannabis branding and messaging clearly express your aims and ideals?

There are opportunities to humanize your cannabis company all across your site. Begin with your “About Us” page. Does your business sponsor local events in the community? Accept donations to support charitable causes? Add these to your list of achievements. Take it a step further by adding videos showing your key company members discussing some of company’s activities in the community.

From there, move to your company bio pages. Each member’s page should show their personality and background. Discuss personal passions and personal reasons why you entered into this industry in the first place. Has a member of your team created something new or innovated a new product? Be sure to highlight those!

Showcasing various sides of the team helps potential customers feel as though they have a personal connection with your group. Once they feel that bond, they’re much more likely to remember you and seek you out for a purchase.

EXAMPLE: OKi Wellness showcases their team and company mission on their About page:

Clear Website Messaging

2. Cannabis-centric Content and Social Media Strategy

Your original content combined with your social media presence work together to help people find your cannabis business. Both mechanisms are perfect for establishing thought-leadership and highlighting your company’s core values. When crafting your cannabis blog content strategy, think about what your customers will be looking for, and how you can showcase your unique expertise.

Here are some ideas to incorporate in your cannabis website’s blog:

  • Give your own take about a major cannabis industry news story
  • Write a post about ways you organization is involved in the local community
  • Have your products recently won an award? Blog about it!
  • Shine the spotlight on your team members with a personal interview

Once you’ve strategized and crafted this amazing content, it’s time to share it across multiple channels. Social media is the main way to amplify your original content, further cementing your company’s role and reputation as a thought-leader.

Social media is also the perfect place to show your team’s individual personality. Incorporate photos and videos of events as well as volunteer or community work. Share novel news articles that relate to your area of specialty. Curate content from other credible sources. Whatever you post, make sure it shows the human side of your brand’s story!

EXAMPLE: Curating and sharing cannabis news delivers content that your customers are interested in:

Cannabis Blog

Does your company branding and messaging show your human side?

Start Building Your Custom Strategy

3. Stay Engaged Online

Many negative reviews have to do with individual attitudes, bad customer service, or lack of communication rather than poor quality of products or services. The best cannabis brands are able to counteract this by staying engaged and skillfully fielding negative comments on social media and other channels.

As soon as you see any type of negative comment, respond. Don’t just provide a canned response, either; people see right through those. The best response will invite negative reviewers into a purposeful and courteous dialogue. Ask the person with a complaint to contact directly you so you may resolve their issue offline.

This approach also ensures their privacy is respected and that the issue is dealt with to completion. Also, other commenters will notice that your company is engaged and willing to respond. Simple actions like these can make your cannabis brand shine above the rest.

While negative reviews and comments can be the most damaging, don’t neglect to address the positive ones! A simple and sincere “Thank you” will go a long way in establishing a positive personality and reputation for your cannabis business.

EXAMPLE: Black Rain stays engaged with their customers by involving them in their process and thanking them for spreading the word about their products:

Social Media Engagement

Is Your Brand the Best Cannabis Brand It Can Be?

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