In today’s competitive cannabis industry, it is crucial for green companies to integrate solid cannabis marketing practices to distinguish themselves from their competitors. For most dispensaries, it starts with a revamp of their cannabis website.

The best cannabis websites perform several functions, which might not always be obvious at the surface level. For instance, the company website is often the first time that potential customers will see your brand, your logo, and your products, so it often acts as the “face” for your green business. It also needs to be functional, both in terms of search engine rankings (SEO) as well as live user experience.

Equally important is the fact that cannabis websites provide a major lead generation mechanism, and allow your business to capture leads and convert them into paying customers. Websites should be treated as an indispensable tool for dispensary marketing.

Success in the realm of cannabis websites can be tricky, but there are many factors which can easily be controlled, and can lead to immediate improvements. Here are some of the best dispensary marketing principles to apply to your cannabis website:

Less can Really be More

Kiva Confections

For an industry that often emphasizes creativity and new ideas, you’d be surprised at how many many dispensary and cannabis websites tend to fall short in the design department. Some websites we’ve seen have been so dense and cluttered that the the user has no idea where to begin. From our perspective as a cannabis marketing company, some of the pages we’ve encountered have been cluttered with way too many visuals and way too much information.

The problem here is that a cluttered layout can actually be useless for generating leads. Clunky design can be off-putting for potential customers, who may equate a sloppy online experience with a sloppy in-store experience as well. Even worse, they might also just bounce to another company’s website if they can’t navigate the pages or find the product they’re looking for.

Showcase Your Best Products and Services

Lucky Box Website

The bottom line is that your cannabis business is selling products, and your customers need to be able to readily identify what exactly your business provides. Be sure that your navigation menu provides easy access to the different types of products that your shop offers — customers shouldn’t have to pry around the site just to learn what your best products are.

Besides your basic cannabis website menu and page content, an excellent way to showcase the firm’s best products (and services as applicable) is through client testimonials. Many cannabis dispensaries have a treasure trove of customer input that they don’t think to use to help generate leads.

Previous customers sometimes have the best, most direct input regarding the quality of products and services that a dispensary can provide. There are a few options here — a page dedicated solely to customer testimonials always works well, or you can sprinkle some of the reviews and testimonials throughout the website. Video and other alternative forms of media are also a plus.

Need help improving your company’s website to generate more leads?

Revamp Your Website

Enhance User Experience

Altai Brand Website

User experience, also called “UX”, is a term that refers to the overall way that a website visitor is able to interact with the various website pages. For a truly outstanding user experience, cannabis websites need to meet people’s needs without creating additional burdens on the user.

Most cannabis customers are looking to make a quick purchase without any extra fuss. In this regard, the following points can provide some guidance:

  • Scrolling through the site should be seamless, both on desktop and on mobile
  • Information should be easy to find and shareable as well
  • Webpage content should be engaging, and should provide visitors with useful information that keeps bringing them back

UX is highly influenced by the visitor’s emotions and overall “feel” towards both the cannabis website and the company. In fact, brand loyalty is often based on these types of immediate, snap responses to a website; ensuring a positive user experience is central to creating repeat customers and brand advocates.

Provide Ample Conversion Points

Wana Brands Website

Imagine if you were researching a product on Amazon, but there was no way to purchase the item or check it out. Can you imagine how frustrating that experience would be? The same type of thing can (and often does) happen on a dispensary website. Imagine if a prospective customer visits your website, but the page they’re on doesn’t have a clickable phone number or a contact form to submit their message.

This is referred to as a lack of conversion points on that page. You’d be surprised to know how common this happens for cannabis websites. A lack of conversion points will absolutely kill your cannabis lead generation online. Sure, the site might have a page called “About Us” or “Contact Us” in the home menu, but that’s not enough. Every page needs to have a place where the visitor can convert.

Other elements can hinder web conversion rates, such as:

  • No calls-to-action within the page text
  • A lack of touch-to-call capabilities for listed phone numbers
  • Slow page loading speed — customers often leave a website if pages load slowly
  • Website is not configured for mobile — sites often behave very differently on mobile devices than on the desktop version

Online lead generation efforts can be complex, especially in the cannabis industry.

These are only a few of the best cannabis website practices that can help jump-start revenue and improve conversion rates. In order to truly reap the benefits of online lead generation campaigns, sites should be constantly updated and improved, which is easier to do when working with a dedicated dispensary marketing agency. Contact us  to discuss cannabis marketing options that will boost your sales and improve customer retention.