Starting a blog is the perfect way to humanize your cannabusiness.

When potential customers search for cannabis companies online, they’ll see a wide array of search results that don’t look that different from each other. Your cannabis blog’s informative content can highlight your expertise and help build trust in your brand. As potential clients do more research and read your blog, they will get a feel for your company’s values.

With all of these reasons to blog regularly, too many cannabusinesses still don’t publish consistently — or at all. If a case of writer’s block is holding up your cannabis blog, check out these 4 topics to write about.

1. Start A “Frequently Asked Questions” Series

When you speak with customers, there are probably some general questions you hear all the time. Maybe people want to know what differentiates your products from the competition, or perhaps how cannabusiness charges customers. With an FAQ series on your cannabis blog, you can answer the most pressing questions your customers may have about your line of business. Plus, by giving a general overview of your business, you present yourself as knowledgeable and trustworthy.

You can also expand this feature to a regular series in which a grower, budtender, or manufacturer offers in-depth answers to questions pertaining to their profession. Question-and-answer posts are also a great way to incorporate relevant keywords in a natural way, which boosts your cannabis SEO search rankings and helps potential customers find you.

2. Use your Cannabis Blog To Write About Current Events

Now that cannabis consumption is legal in many areas of the country, stories about the plant pop up in the news almost every day. Whether they’re about new laws, medicinal benefits, or billionaires who like to toke up from time to time, there’s always something about cannabis in the headlines.

Use your cannabis blog to include your two-cents about current events and news by highlighting your company’s expertise. Doing so will improve your cannabis blog’s content with fresh, up-to-date news while also keeping your audience informed. Speaking of audience, you can use your blog to target your ideal buyer persona demographic.

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3. Create an Engaging “Top 10 List” To Share on Social Media

Top 10 lists aren’t just for memes and other clickbait-y topics. Headlines that include numbers are an excellent way to grab people’s attention because they tell the reader exactly what to expect. (You’re reading this list, aren’t you?)

There are ways to adopt this strategy for your cannabusiness without coming off as low-quality. If a new strain seems to be all the rage, you could write a blog headlined “10 Things You Need to Know about [Insert-Strain-Name-Here].” (Plus, it doesn’t always have to be 10 things. Be creative.) As a bonus, list posts are shareable and frequently appear on social media, which drives even more potential customers to your website.

4. Include Grower/Budtender/Employee Profiles In Your Cannabis Blog

The best content tells a compelling story. One of the most common ways to tell a story is through a main character. As a champion of cannabis, you have a clear advantage here. The main characters to your brand’s story are right next to you. Interview your colleagues and ask them about their background, expertise, and notable moments in their history with cannabis.

When we used this strategy for one of our cannabis clients, we saw great success. Not only did it top the list of the most-read blogs we wrote that month, but it also stayed in that list for months to come. Showcasing the personalities of your team members is a perfect way to humanize your firm and tell your story.

BONUS: Get Ranked on a Cannabis Blog List

Lastly, a bonus benefit of cannabis blogs is that there is potential for your blog to rank in several of the “cannabis blog” lists that are circulating online. These are compilations and listings of the top cannabis blogs, best cannabis blogs, etc. For instance, our 4Blooms Cannabis Blog recently received a badge for making it onto the list of “Top 35 Cannabis Marketing Blogs, Websites and Newsletters To Follow in 2018”.

We now proudly display this badge on our website, and you can do the same once your blog starts bringing in awards for your company. Along with that comes more exposure, brand promotion, and ultimately, brand loyalty from your customers.

Work with a Professional Cannabis Marketing Company

This list of topics to write about is the perfect way to start your cannabis blog, but that’s just the one part of a successful cannabis marketing strategy. Once the content is on your website, it’s time to amplify, analyze, and adjust your strategy so new customers will find you. Our data-driven process informs everything we do so we can deliver the right message to the right audience and get measurable results.
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