Your marijuana logo matters. Even in niche, low-competition industries, strategic branding is important. In the booming California recreational marijuana industry, it’s imperative to have a brand that is enticing at a glance and cohesive under closer scrutiny. Competition in the recreational marijuana field is already fierce, and it’s only going to get thicker. Set your cannabis business up for success now by crafting a well-thought-out brand identity that will set you apart from the crowd!

Cannabis Logo Tip #1 – Intentional Design: Tell a Story

Too many businesses seem to believe that a good marijuana logo is simply a fancy vector graphic. In reality, a highly effective logo should be a business’s brand identity distilled into a simple yet compelling visual representation. If you’re stumbling over where to start when drafting a unique cannabis logo design, here are some suggestions to keep you on the right track:

  • Begin with your company’s mission & vision, goals, name and location, then let inspiration take flight.
  • Start in black & white—you can always incorporate color later (more on this below).
  • Consider the surface, medium and (digital) devices on which your marijuana logo will appear. This will ultimately guide the shape and dimensions of your work to ensure that it looks good and stands out regardless of where it’s being viewed.
  • Keep it simple, memorable and timeless while keeping in mind the basic principles of design.

Thus, it’s important to understand what your company stands for and is aiming to achieve. After all, this is what your logo will embody.

THC Factory logo

THC Factory’s logo follows all of the rules. Image credit THC Factory


Logo Tip #2 -Understand the Effects of Color

The use of color in your marijuana logo can have powerful yet subtle effects. In the cannabis industry, this is often overlooked far too many times. You can explore the full color spectrum (besides just green!) and make use of the colors that work best with your goals:

  • Reds and yellows: Highly stimulating; great for catching people’s attention and inspiring them to action
  • Orange: Creates a sense of warmth and assurance; very good for companies that have cheery and upbeat voicing and messaging
  • Green: Everyone uses this color in the industry, but it also has connotations of healing and wellbeing, so it’s especially suited to companies focusing on medical applications
  • Blue: Instills a sense of intellect and academia — perfect for cannabis companies that focus on research and advancing the frontiers of medical marijuana
  • Purple: Associated with higher causes and is excellent for companies doing charitable work

Basically, the color of your cannabis logo should make your customers feel comfortable in their own element, and should create an affinity between them and your product. This applies not only to your logo, but also to your website and packaging as well.


Logo Tip #3 – Don’t Lose Sight of Your Target Audience

More often than not, people spend time creating a beautifully crafted cannabis logo that ultimately does not relate to their target audience. It’s important to ask yourself, “Who is my ideal customer?” If your answer to this is simply “people who smoke pot,” then it’s time to revisit this important component of your business model. You’re probably going to need to drill down and narrow your audience down so you can really pool your time and resources in areas where they count.

An increasingly common trend that’s constantly winning over today’s consumers is the ability to tailor a product that fits their needs, and best relates to them as an individual. Our economy has shifted from mass production of generic items to creating unique products for specific people. Though it’s impossible to tailor every single product sold to each customer, it is far more manageable to target a group of people with similar interests.

Cannavore logo

Beautiful high end design from Cannavore. Image credit Cannavore


All in all, your cannabis logo is an important tool that will act as the symbol of your business for as long as it exists, so be sure you spend an ample amount of time and effort developing something you’re happy with!

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